How are the informations gathered?

All the informations are query from our nodes if we have them. In the case of we don't have the node, we will use public endpoints.

Are the information verified?

Yes, We try to detect potential errors and we are working with chains team.

How accurate is the APR data provided ?

APR is commonly understood to be calculated using the following formula:

APR = (inflation% / bonded%) * (1-community_tax)

This is universally true, however some chains do require accounting for custom modules or economics.
In all cases the best effort to incorporate all variable is made, and while our APR is a very strong and accurate estimate, it must always be treated as that: an estimate.
 It is accurate, but not exact, and might fluctuate due to several market conditions. The number we provide is calculated on request and reflects the lastes status of the chain.

What is the Bonded supply and Un-bonded supply

The bonded supply is the number of staked tokens.
The un-bonded supply is the number of token currently in the undelegation period.

What is the Circulating supply?

Circulating supply refers to the total number of coins that are currently in circulation and are available to the public. This number can fluctuate depending on the number of new coins or tokens being minted or mined and the number that gets destroyed through burning.

What is the price source?

Prices are taken on coingecko.com

Why some informations are not available?

Some chains can be partially supported by our API or the node unavailable.
We are working constantly to increase our coverage